Who We Are

About Us

With over 15 years in infant-comfort services, Gillani Hygienic is a name of trust. Through the years, we have developed a special bond with our ever-growing clientele, making sure that their trust in our products continues growing. Judging by the response rate, Gillani Hygienic’s trajectory is expected to keep going upwards and all this goes down to the sheer hard work and diligence of our team that has worked day in day out to come up with the best features that can enhance the experience of your child.

Why Us?

Not that we’re feeling pompous about our credentials but fact of the matter is that our products enjoy an excellent reputation in the market. Moreover, before our wide range of products hit shelves in major outlets, we conduct rigorous experiments beforehand because for us, making a strong and lasting impression is what matters.

Our team of experts has come up with a new locking mechanism for the diapers while multiple quick-absorbing layers ensure that the diapers are tightly wound around your baby’s waist while not compromising on his or her comfort. Moreover, our diapers are a little wider than usual in order to prevent leaking which can happen to infants at any time.

Aware of the importance of providing sustainable and green solutions to our clients, we have come up with the right equipment and staff to ensure that all diapers are made of eco-friendly material. Biodegradable contents ensure that our products do not have any adverse impact on the environment which is the least we can do to promote a healthy environment for everyone.

Zero discomfort

Unlike most diapers, Gillani Hygienic manufactures products that do not have any adverse effect on your baby’s sensitive skin. While most diapers could leave your baby’s skin with rashes, our products are designed in such a way that the skin is unlikely to experience aftereffects of wearing a diaper for hours.

The science behind your baby’s little adventure

In order to let you know why our diapers are going to suit the needs of your clients, here’s a small peak into the comfort this product brings.

The inside of every baby diaper is super-absorbent which means that moisture will be absorbed by the internal layer as soon as it finds its way inside the diaper.

Moreover, the product also ensures that its usage doesn’t leave the skin with rashes all over it.